The Climate Needs Our Change

Although much is now technically feasible, the Spring of 2020 showed what is also possible politically and economically when people are united by a common understanding. Within a few weeks, to curb the global spread of a virus, governments imposed massive restrictions on individual comfort zones – such as the extensive cessation of air traffic. For half a century we had known the beneficial effects such a measure would have on the climate and atmosphere. Nevertheless, shortly before the Corona crisis, business associations had warned against “acting too hastily” with regard to measures to decrease air travel such as an increase in the price of jet fuel. Why can’t we implement what we have long since recognized as environmentally needed without a virus? How do we have to change so that knowledge and feasibility come together?

In this conference we invite you to look at the long, shared history of climate and earth and their organismic character. How did the present situation come about? What is the “factual material” and how can a person apply his knowledge of beneficial action in the individual areas of life? Expert presentations will introduce these topics for joint discussion in small groups or in plenary sessions. On the third day as part of Fridays For the Future,  we will deal with the visions of the youth which have called for a sustainable approach to the environment. What are the reasons on a spiritual and social level that this “dream” shared by many cannot lead to action? What does a change in consciousness look like? Does it resemble a cultural revolution that gives coherence and power to humanity to shape both their future and their environment based on a feeling of belonging? The conference closes with an outlook on lived spiritual insight that can arise from self-knowledge and self-training.

The conference will be held in German. Post-conference translations (dubbed video and transcripts) will be available here starting in November.

We look forward to your participation!
Matthias Rang, 
Johannes Wirz, Ruth Richter, Johannes Kühl, Susanna Kümmell, Meinhard Simon & Mara Born

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