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NSS is one of several sections of the School for Spiritual Science based at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.

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Recent & Upcoming Events

November 13-17, 2019: What is the Earth asking of Us? The Human Soul and the Earth in Crisis. A Working Conference: Changing our Thinking about Climate Change. Click for 2019 Conference details.

November 7-11, 2018 Bridging Natural Science and Spiritual Science. If you missed this landmark conference, click for 2018 Conference Lecture Recordings. 



“The main point is that spiritual science, with its methods of research, only begins where modern natural science leaves off. Humanity is indebted to the view of the world adopted by natural science for which I would call a logic which educates itself by the facts of nature. An important method of training has been introduced, amongst those who have concerned themselves with natural science, with regard to the inner application of thinking.”

— Rudolf Steiner, Approaches to Anthroposophy, p. 11

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